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Interior design is an integral part of a successful restaurant or bar concept. Aesthetics is only one of the elements of a well-thought-out solution. The space must be functional to provide customers with the most successful experience. At the same time, the premises must be engineering perfect, and the space planning must be thought out for the efficient work of the staff.

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Creative Restaurant Interior Designers in London

The Replus Bureau’s portfolio includes restaurant interior design projects, which have become popular spots with unique faces and high-quality content. If you are looking for experienced restaurant interior designers who successfully combine a non-trivial vision with the customer’s business needs, then you are in the right place.

Convert your restaurant concept to the hotspot on the gastronomic map of your city. We know how to fulfil the space with the right vibe. Let’s create outstanding restaurant interior design for your business that would inspire your guests and make your team proud.


Restaurant Design Services

Interior design for restaurants is one of the critical areas of our team’s work on creating and implementing commercial interiors. Here we work as a business-to-business: we analyse the customer’s needs following the concept of the future establishment and create an interior project that reflects the restaurant’s philosophy and fulfils business tasks. Two criteria guide architects and designers of Replus Bureau: the interior should attract guests and encourage them to return, and the entire restaurant team should be comfortable working here. We do not just select the right style for the future place visitors will love but also analyse various world practices and consider the restaurant industry’s trends.

Unlike residential interior design, making a space aesthetic and functional is not enough. The work begins with an analysis of the engineering features of the premises. Therefore, we greatly emphasise ventilation, air conditioning and energy efficiency.

Replus Bureau provides restaurant design services since 2014. We will help to reveal and strengthen your concept with reasonable use of the budget, compliance with all deadlines, meticulous selection of contractors, and efficient project management.

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Bar Interior Design

The atmosphere of the establishment depends mainly on the person behind the bar. However, this only works on a proper basis. Bar station locating and appearance, the lighting system, color scheme, furniture, and interior elements affect the vibe that attracts guests. Creating interior design for bar, we are driven by engineering challenges and complex but imperceptible technical solutions, which allow us to reveal the advantages of the premises to optimize the project budget and fill the concept with added value.

Let’s reveal a space where every person gets pleasure from being inside. Replus Bureau creates inspiring bar interior design.

Stages Of Restaurant And Bar Interior Design Process

We are proud of the experience of long-term cooperation with clients who once chose Replus Bureau and continue to create outstanding projects with us. Restaurant interior design service includes a lead architect involvement, a chief interior designer supervisor, and a project manager supporting from idea to implementation.

  • What

The first step is to get acquainted with the idea of the establishment in detail to analyze how, precisely on our part, we will reveal and strengthen the future concept as much as possible. At this stage, we begin researching the restaurant market in this segment and checking trends in the hospitality industry.

  • Where

The next step is to explore every inch of the space we create restaurant interior design. The priority of the Replus Bureau team is sustainable solutions, reusing materials, and resource-efficient technologies. We analyze the number of seats, calculate the cost of engineering works and start with technical design and selecting contractors.

  • How

After the client approves the restaurant interior design project concept, the team works on drawings and renderings. The project manager from Replus Bureau supervises the work of contractors, the procurement of materials, the ordering and delivery of all the interior elements.

  • When

We provide restaurant interior design full-cycle services. Our team works within the budget and on time. The only thing left for the client to take care of is the opening date.

Benefits To Work With Us

Replus Bureau has united the restaurant interior designers team with remarkable cases. We create unique places with their own identities as a component of our approach. Our restaurant interior designers are experts in forming assembled systems with memorable interiors, the right accents, quality engineering solutions and efficient technologies.

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