Bespoke Interior Design Services in London

High-quality interior design appropriately changes and enhances the space turning it into an inspirational ecosystem.

It involves rational planning, a suitable combination of natural and artificial light, efficient use of technical and aesthetic possibilities of the place, meticulous selection of materials, and the right furniture arrangement and choice of decor with refined taste. Our architects and interior designers create timeless solutions reflecting the client's identity and philosophy.

Advantages of Working with Us

Our company has united a team of high-class specialists with a non-trivial vision. We deliver efficient design concepts for various facilities. Since 2014, we have implemented more than 150 projects for residential and commercial clients. 

Replus Bureau has assembled experienced professionals with extensive experience in space planning, styling, furniture selection, decoration and restoration. 

Our company carefully selects the contractors who will work together at all project stages based on the design concept. Absolute minimalism, mixing the textures, quality materials and our signature experimentation with natural and artificial light are core features of our architects and interior designers team. 

There is no tough project for us. We love and know how to work with challenging facilities, mixing techniques and modern styles. 

Part of our philosophy is recycling the resources and reusing restored authentic elements. We select all the building materials and interior products you need and give new life to rethought things you already have.

We implement each stage of the project on time and according to budget. You get a fast and low-fare result without any quality loss.

Replus projects have more than 1,4 billion views on the world’s most visited architecture website Archdaily. Get the benefits by choosing the architect and interior design experts to realize your interior and refurbishing needs.


Commercial Interior Design Services

Our team analyzes your customers' paths and implements the best design for your purpose. Replus develops and implements outstanding concepts for offices, hotels, restaurants, bars, clinics, beauty salons, coffee shops, retail, and public spaces.
Replus Bureau services gathered interior design development, architectural supervising and end-to-end project management to realize bespoke designs in time and within budget.

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Office Interior Design

People spend about the third part of their lives working. Few owners pay enough attention to the space in which employees have to work. Have you thought about how the productivity of each individual in the team, the relationships between colleagues, and the organisation's success depends on the space they have to create?
Is there enough space on the desktop? Is there a place to be alone? Is the water cooler in the kitchen or the hallway? You don't have to know all the needs of the staff. It would be best if you trust the team of interior design specialists.
Let us troubleshoot your team work-life, motivate your colleagues to forget about the post-covid melancholy gloom and enjoy the workflow in the office. Contact Replus Bureau to get a bespoke interior designer to renovate the office and inspire your people.

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Space Planning Service

Bespoke interior design services are not a trend or a whim. It's a must-have to meet your spacious internal needs in the modern world.
What height to make a tabletop? Do you need hanging shelves for books? Where to direct the head of the bed? Where to put a bowl for a dog? If you answer these questions yourself, you will most likely fight over furniture every time.
There is no chance to make an aesthetic and functional space without the help of professionals. Trust our architects and interior designers to make the place practical, well-lighted and serve your purposes. You can't do it by yourself. Replus Bureau can.

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Hospitality Interior Design Services

Replus Bureau architects and designers team help you not just build space for business but a place that makes your clients want to come back.

We can work with existing constructions and create new ones for your purpose. Let us rethink floor plans to effective zoning, styling, and decorating, and give your visitors to feel themselves at the most needed place.

Replus Bureau develops the interior design, selects the contractors, and supports every realisation phase. If you are looking for the area of your capabilities, contact our team to design one.

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Restaurant and Bar Design Services

Let's find out what is the most inspiring experience for your clients. No cheesecake will taste good if in the restroom are no towels next to the sink. It is unlikely that anyone will remember the thrilling moment of the proposal if their table is in the middle of the waiters' runway.

For us, each chair and utilities shelf matters in a room. Pamper your customers and provide your staff with an easy and functional workplace.

Our experienced team will analyze your audience's path and implements the best design for your purposes.

With bespoke interior design services by Replus Bureau, you'll send your customer on a unique adventure.

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Hotel Interior Design Service

We love to convert the tourism short-stayed spot into an inspirational place guests want to return to and recommend to others.
Replus team works with objects from several rooms to floor sections or the whole hotel. We create comfortable hotel room design concepts and offer and implement solutions for renovating the reception zones, restaurants or lobby bars.
Contact Replus Bureau to get quality interior design service in London with reliable contractors. We save your time and money.

Let's provide the visitors with an awe-inspiring touch with your business.

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