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Commercial Interior Design Service in London


Our interior design firm in London proposes outstanding concepts for offices, hotels, restaurants, clinics, beauty salons, coffee shops, cafes, bars, retail, stores and public spaces. Commercial interior design services include a broad spectrum of spaces and environments, from needs development and architectural supervising to end-to-end project management and realization in time and within budget. 

What is Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design in London is not a whim but a real need for the growth of your business.

It’s enough to guess what your visitors will like. Let our team of professionals analyze your customer journey and build the best space for their needs. Replus Bureau has united multi-disciplined specialists in commercial interior design.

Big company office or small store, it doesn’t matter what business you are building; your customers should fall in love with the space and dream of coming back again. Our skilled team knows how to create unique environments for happy clients and business growth.

Do not forget about your colleagues. Let’s focus on what awaits them: taking orders from visitors for 5 hours in a row, answering emails during the day or creating a Hollywood look for parties. Let us create a place that will motivate your colleagues, balance their work-life and give them the joy of workflow.

We can work with existing constructions and create new ones for your purpose. Let us rethink floor plans to effective zoning, styling, and decorating, and give your visitors to feel themselves at the most needed place. 

Our commercial interior designers’ team could make supreme use of the layout, space, and interior wall arrangement. Take your time to do business. Meanwhile, we will make a budget, schedule and manage the relationships between all working staff on the project. Contact Replus Bureau to implement the best design for your business purpose.

Our Experience in Commercial Interiors

There is no demanding project for Replus Bureau. Our professional team love to work with challenging facilities, mixing techniques and modern styles. Minimalism and functionalism of realized projects by Replus Bureau make numerous businesses have heart-breaking relations with their clients. 

We recycle the resources and reuse restored authentic elements in designs, select all interior details you need and give new life to rethought things you already have. Each stage of all our projects is implemented on time and according to budget. The team gets you a fast and low-fare result without any quality loss.

The bureau’s team has implemented over 150 projects in Ukraine, Poland, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and the USA. We have more than 1,4 million views on the world’s most visited architecture website Archdaily. Get the benefits by making design concept creations with us.

Office Interior Design

Commercial interior design is crucial to the success of your business. It is key to conceptualising offices, promoting style, and increasing the functionality of your spaces. 

Is there a name-tagged cup shelf in a kitchen? The garbage can is next to the desktop, or will I have to get up every time? Does someone lead guests to the meeting room? It may not seem crucial for your clients, but employee comfort and interior design are essential. So let us help increase the company’s bottom line by giving your colleagues the most suitable place they have ever worked in. Chose our team of high qualified office interior designers to start your changes right now.

Space Planning Services

Planning the place on your own could be a heavy waste of time and money. Replus Bureau’s team of professionals will do it for you promptly, within a budget and without quality losses.

Our favourite challenge is to use the space as efficiently as possible, where every inch is not only functional but also aesthetic at the same time. Let us analyze your business functions and how your team will cooperate with furniture.

The space our commercial interior designers could create must be cost-effective and reflect your potential clients’ ever-changing expectations.

In our space planning projects, we consider the workgroup function of building codes and regulations, lighting, teaming requirements, inter-communication, and storage to best use available space. Let Replus Bureau not just make a floor plan but strengthen business opportunities and create value for the end-users.

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