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Giving visitors the best experience is the main task of a dream hotel. But will you be able to independently assess your customers’ needs and provide them with a functional space that fulfils all their wishes? Hospitality interior design services is an often underestimated field of work because most people believe that any designer can realize such a project. We are convinced that the experience of similar projects should be an advantage when choosing a hospitality interior design firm. 

If you want to realize not just a space in the hospitality sector but a truly inspiring place for your customers, contact Replus Bureau.

Our Creative Hotel Interior Designers

Replus Bureau is a team of professional architects and interior designers with successful cases in hospitality interior design services. Let us build a space that will be not only functional but also attractive for your visitors.

Wherever your hotel is located, we will analyze future customers’ needs and predict their expectations from your space. The experience of our team in hospitality interior design makes it possible to do it within the planned time and expected budget.

We will accompany you at all stages of project implementation, and if necessary, we can create a building from scratch. We are conscientious about the minor details. Allow our imagination and professional approach to realize for you the best space for running a hotel business.

Aspects of Hotel Interior Design

The hospitality industry is perhaps the most successful line of business globally. Tourism or business trips — all travellers need a place to gain strength. Interior design for hospitality is a painstaking task that requires an extraordinary approach and integration of three aspects of hotel interior design.

  • First impression

The profit of your business will depend on how your hotel lobby will look. An eye-catching and functional space at the entrance can serve not only as a welcome area for guests of boutique hotels but also as a place for business talks over a cup of coffee or fateful meetings.

If someone in your lobby signs a million-dollar contract, they will forever choose your hotel for future business trips. Or the name of your hotel will echo in the wedding speeches about the place where people met their loved ones. Well-thinking architecture provides emotions. Let’s realize together a multi-use space available for use at any time.

  • Technology integration

It doesn’t matter that you have the most comfortable mattress and pillows in England if the building doesn’t equip with a sufficient number of elevators so that there is no queue before breakfast. Regardless of how much time visitors spend in boutique hotels, it is imperative to design them with the modern traveller keeping in mind. Easy digital controls over lighting and temperature, quick device chargers — you must integrate all these and other features for the hotel interior design to attract more customers.

  • Personalized space 

The main challenge of hospitality interior design services is implementing a way to make all visitors feel comfortable. Often, business owners create visually and functionally uniform spaces, while customers remember unique or personalized guest rooms. Our hotel interior designers will help you analyze the most popular audiences of visitors in your region and predict their personalized needs in your spot. 

Hotel Interior Design Process

Replus Bureau specializes in hospitality interior design in London. Let’s make your visitors feel at home together. Hospitality interior design is the art of enhancing the quality of service. Let’s achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for your customers. 

Hospitality interior design involves hotels’ planning, drafting, design and development.

  • Planning and drafting

Our team of specialists are those who research, plan, manage and coordinate such enhancement projects. We will accompany you from empty plots to the moment of the first experience of the people using your space. Replus Bureau does responsibly for hotel room interior design. We can work with ready-made structures or create a special place from the plain for you with our architects. At this stage, in particular, we will be able to write down the budget and schedule of work. 

  • Interior design

The functionality of the space affects not only customer satisfaction but also your team’s efficiency. We will be able to rethink any existing space and do everything to make it fulfil your business goals. Inspiring for travellers, comfortable for business travellers, and functional for your team — we can create a convenient space for everyone.

  • Development

Rest assured, our designers and architects will guarantee you support during the entire project implementation process. Go about your business in the hospitality sector while we will build a new space for your future commercial growth.

Benefits to Work With Us

Founded in Ukraine and based in the UK, Replus Bureau implements bold architectural ideas. Since 2014 we have realized more than 200 projects in Europe. Contact us to get quality hotel interior design services.

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