Architectural Design Services in London

Creating spaces that inspire the world. Replus Bureau offers architectural solutions for residential and commercial needs, the hospitality industry, and public areas making new facilities and reformatting existing ones, appreciating authenticity, and recycling resources.
Technologies change, but the questions “Is it good?” and “Is it useful?” still are fundamental. We provide the answer “Yes” through our architectural concepts.

Architectural Design Process

Replus Bureau works fast but pays attention to every detail. Our main priorities are quality, thoughtful approach, and refined taste. What Do the phases look like?

  • Wants & Needs

First, we carefully study and analyze the tasks that the future design must fulfill, according to your wishes. You will see plenty of good examples from our portfolio, but at the same time, you will get a unique project.

  • Pre-Design

Your own architectural success story begins in this phase. Before design starts, we are meticulously developing the basics for the future concept. Keep calm and get ready for inspiration. You will see the first architectural drawings soon.

  • Concept Development

At this stage, your wishes and needs are converted into a working formula. We analyze and propose styles and choose materials and technologies, so the client sees a prototype of the future architecture with drawings and visualizations.

  • Implementation

We carefully and responsibly implement every step towards the full project implementation. Our project managers control all processes, and architects provide author supervision on site.

Why Choose Our Architectural Design Services?

  • Replus bureau’s aim is not to make repairs but to create space filled with original world-class quality products. 
  • Our spaces are formed according to the principles of sustainability. Replus tram carefully selects materials and combines complex textures that naturally age but do not deteriorate. The Replus Bureau approach is about rethinking, reformatting, and recycling.
  • We see value in authentic artifacts when others neglect them. Our architectural design experts combine the elements of authenticity with modern innovative solutions. The Replus Bureau harmoniously fits the past into the present by rethinking historical heritage. 
  • We don’t just build and style a modern home for you but create a complex of better living conditions. Thoughtful landscape design around your home is an integral part of our work.
  • Comfortable layout, beautiful shapes, convenient and pleasant surrounding area — it’s time to choose in your favor.
  • Get high-quality and worthy architectural concepts by choosing Replus architectural design services. Let’s make it real together. 


We develop and implement large-scale architectural concepts for living, working, having rest, inspiring, and changing the world.
Replus also has expertise in implementing large building reconstruction projects.
Our bureau provides full-cycle services, including planning buildings of various types, landscape concepts, working drawings, architectural project management with budget cost calculation, supervision on site, etc.
Functional aesthetics is the core of our projects. Get fast and efficient solutions working with The Replus Bureau.



Replus people are experts in providing innovative architecture for various needs with bold ideas. Every building and landscape we create is a result of consistent work. Order the architectural design concept and get a well-developed project with detailed drawings.
Our architectural design services include not only developing ideas with construction drawings but the whole implementation process with supervision on site.



Replus team has 8-years of experience transforming knowledge and taste into concept design and reformatting the objects. Are you looking for architectural design services to increase your space? We are ready to propose efficient house extension options. Or maybe it’s time to do a loft conversion for functional improvement of your property? Don’t waste money trying to manage renovation on your own. Save the budget with professional services. Don’t be late to renovate.



Our clients receive remarkable architectural concepts with full-stack project coordination.
Replus professional desire is to ensure the highest quality of the interior design idea realization. Providing end-to-end project management across the architectural and interior design services is an essential principle for the Replus Bureau team.
Architectural project managers ensure that facilities are built, designed, or renovated due to terms, conditions, and standards. By providing superior advice and decision-making experience across all parts of the building and designing process, our team helps resolve any difficulties with contractors.
Our project management guarantees the quality of the realization on time, within budget, and according to all construction drawings and visualizations. You receive structural calculations: no more boring meet-ups or tense situations connected to renovators.

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