London-based international firm Replus Bureau spreads bold architectural and interior design ideas worldwide. Our team appreciates authenticity, respects heritage, rethinks spaces, and recycles resources. We offer full-cycle interior design solutions for residential areas, commercial needs, and the hospitality industry.

    Our bureau provides full-cycle services, including planning buildings of various types, landscape concepts, working drawings, architectural project management with budget cost calculation, supervision on site, etc.

    Replus people are experts in providing innovative architecture for various needs with bold ideas. Every building and landscape we create is a result of consistent work. Order the architectural design concept and get a well-developed project with detailed drawings.

    Our clients receive remarkable architectural concepts with full-stack project coordination. Replus professional desire is to ensure the highest quality of the interior design idea realization. Providing end-to-end project management across the architectural and interior design services is an essential principle for the Replus Bureau team.

    Replus team has 8-years of experience transforming knowledge and taste into concept design and reformatting the objects. Are you looking for architectural design services to increase your space? We are ready to propose efficient house extension options. Or maybe it’s time to do a loft conversion for functional improvement of your property? Don’t waste money trying to manage renovation on your own. Save the budget with professional services. Don’t be late to renovate.

    Our architectural designers offer modern multifunctional solutions that raise the quality of life to a new level. The bureau has brought together architects with a non-trivial vision, who at the same time do not resort to unjustified eclecticism or unnecessary textural and color accents. Every inch is aesthetically pleasing and efficiently used.

    High-quality interior design appropriately changes and enhances the space turning it into an inspirational ecosystem.


We create functional aesthetics for living and working. Our interior design studio provides atypical, challenging, and thought-over solutions.
Every interior designer in the Replus team uses the method which changes everything. A place to live becomes a unique new universe, and a place to work converts into a state-of-the-art ordered ecosystem. The business with the Replus Bureau interior design emphasizes identity and keeps the authenticity simultaneously.

Rethinking, renovating, recycling, and reformatting create the Replus Bureau architectural language. We revitalize as many authentic elements as possible to make it a calling card of the interior.
Replus Bureau offers interior design services for hospitality, residential and commercial needs. Our cases demonstrate minimalist and stylish flats, houses, restaurants, bars, offices, and public spaces.


Interior Design Services

Our interior design firm in London proposes outstanding interior design ideas for homes, businesses, HoReCa, medicine and beauty spheres, retail, and public landscapes.
The interior design studio is one of the core parts of Replus Bureau. We have united an experienced team of professionals in space planning, styling, furniture selecting, decorating, and authentic elements restoration.

Our company meticulously decides on contractors to cooperate in full compliance due to the design concept at all project stages.
Absolute minimalism and our signature experiments with natural and artificial lights are the core features of the Replus Bureau team. We make spatial zoning to provide as much functional space as possible.

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Commercial Interior Design

We work both with existing premises and create new ones. Our principle is a minimum of things and a maximum of benefits. We build not just the space of your needs but the area of your capabilities.

Your employee, visitor or buyer will feel at the most needed place. Our team analyzes your audience's path and implements the best design for your purposes. Let's sell them not only your products but awe-inspiring touch with your business.

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Hospitality Interior Design

We’re here to send your customer on a unique adventure. Our experienced team creates a hospitality interior where everyone wants to come back again and again.

Replus Bureau architects and designers are proficient in rethinking the space with efficient zoning, styling, and decorating.

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Residential Interior Design

Let's implement your inspiration board into a comfortable life. We create the home spaces for concentration, revival and retreat. We will find the optimal interior design solution for your upcoming place of strength.

Replus Bureau develops the interior design, selects the contractors, and supports every realisation phase. We save your time for other things you love.
You'll start with the renovation of the flat and get inspirational space with a cost-efficient solution.

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Since 2014 we have become experts in providing an innovative architecture for various needs. Our clients receive remarkable architectural concepts with full-stack project coordination. 

We see value in authentic artefacts when others neglect them. Our architects and interior designers combine the elements of authenticity with modern innovative solutions. Replus Bureau harmoniously fit the past into the present by rethinking historical heritage. 

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No one quality personalised interior architecture project is the same, but each is realised in similar stages. At Replus Bureau, renovation solution starts from the detailed analysis of further needs and the unobvious potential of the facility. 

We provide efficient space planning and interior design project development with drawings and visualisations. Our team helps to select experienced renovation contractors with rich experience and excellent reputations. The Replus Bureau project managers and interior designers control and complete the furnishing and decorating.

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