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We adore this special project because its architecture fully reflects the philosophy of its owners.
The couple, who spent a long time choosing their dream home, finally found a place away from the crowds in a picturesque village near the National Park.
Mountains are their passion. So our team has created the most spacious place of strength for them.


Nobody can be seen or heard here. One of the essential requirements is that the house was far enough from the parking lot that the car could not be seen from the windows. We also found a place for the pool that would not visually interfere.



A forest borders the surrounding area. The architecture is oriented so that no neighbors are visible from any side. Here you can enjoy the sun. A vast terrace faces west. There is a field with various herbs on both sides. A cherry orchard grows on the territory.



This is the embodiment of ascetic minimalism. The house is as open as possible, bright on all sides. The primary construction material is concrete. Windows are in hidden grooves. There are wooden partitions inside. The house is energy efficient and quiet. An idyll reigns here.